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The 3 Reasons Why We Are So Busy And Overwhelmed

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Today's society is very conducive to being busy. Busyness is almost worn like a badge of honour, but when we are constantly caught up in being busy we are not giving ourselves the opportunity to create a rich and fulfilling inner life.

Most of us today are used to being externally driven and this really stems from 3 things. The first being that we haven't been taught how to feel, honour and express our 'uncomfortable' emotions in a healthy way; second, we are stuck in our sentient soul phase; and the third being that we have inherited the chronic miasm Medorrhinum.

Let me explain...

So, first off, most of us have been taught at a young age that being angry is bad or inappropriate, and that we should suck it up and stop crying. We haven't been allowed to just express what is going on for us. So, as a result we have learned to suppress, ignore, deny and rationalize ourselves out of feeling our feelings. Then, they become like big, scary uncontrollable monsters lurking under the bed, and we need to keep busy in order to keep them at bay.

The second reason we are so busy and overwhelmed is that we have become addicted to external stimulation. Because we haven't been taught how to sit with and honour our emotions and we feel the need to avoid them, we have become stuck in what Rudolph Steiner calls our sentient soul phase, which is all about external experiences and finding our place in the world. Our sentient soul phase comes after our physical body has matured at 21 and is supposed to end by 28, well with most of us not able to deal with our 'stuff' we get stuck here....addicted to external experiences. We get tossed around like a boat on the ocean of emotion and are at the mercy of other people, and situations, because we haven't learned how to cultivate a rich inner life.

The third thing keeping us busy is the chronic inherited disease, Medorrhinum. All of the chronic miasms have a unique state of mind that helps us Heilkunstlers identify it in a person. Well, the state of mind of Medorrhinum is that of a human doing rather than a human being. They are on the go all the time. They want everything and they want it now. They can't sit still and they love to be titillated by all those exciting external experiences I've been going on about.

In our busy society, we need to consciously choose to go inward. We need to consciously jump off that busy train and make choices that reflect our desire to be internally guided. To be solid and grounded in the face of stressful external events. To create a life that we consciously choose to experience. We need stillness and reflection in order to create joy, peace and inspiration in our lives.

So, I urge you to consciously choose to slow down and invite stillness into your life.

Watch the video below for my experience with busyness