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Irritated Or Even Angry? This Will Help!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

I had a client ask me on the weekend, about how to release the anger that is coming up for her. So, I wanted to talk a little about anger and show you an anger releasing exercise that is really useful for getting up and releasing all that pent up and suppressed anger that most of us have....some of us without even realizing it!

The majority of us have suppressed anger that we've been living with for the majority of our lives and this is because we have been taught things like, it's inappropriate to get angry, or anger is a bad thing, or told things like, "Go to your room if you're going to get angry." So we don't know what to do with it, so we end up suppressing it, or ignoring it, or rationalizing ourselves out of feeling it.

That is not helping us to deal with anger in a healthy way, because anger in itself is a healthy emotion, it's only when it's been suppressed that it starts to become unhealthy and perverted into rage or fury, which has a scary, uncontrollable aspect to it, and that's why anger has gotten such a bad rap.

When anger is used in a healthy way, and we don't have all that rage or fury behind it, it can be used in a healthy way to help us set boundaries or to stand up for ourselves or others.

Because the majority of us don't have a handle on that healthy anger, we've had years of stuffing it down.

When we're people pleasers or have a tendency to just bite our tongue and keep the peace, we are stuffing down our anger, and creating what we call in Heilkunst, Staphysagria disease. Staphysagria disease is suppressed anger or resentment disease, and it can actually shift our state of mind and create physical symptoms as well.

Watch the video to discover more!