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3 Easy Exercises To Invite More Inspiration Into Your Life

So, my last couple of videos have really been striking a chord with people, and I have had several women over the last two weeks say to me that it's like they're waking up in a Talking Heads song, they're waking up and thinking, 'This isn't my life, how did I get here?' Their life doesn’t reflect who they truly are.

This completely makes sense, because most of us have spent our entire lives making decisions and constructing our lives to meet other’s expectations of ourselves, or society’s expectations, and not our own expectations.

We make decisions based on fear and a need for feeling safe and secure, rather than what resonates, challenges and enables us to expand out of our comfort zone.

So we can end up choosing things like a job with good benefits that we don’t really love, rather than maybe starting a business showcasing our unique, quirky talent or interest, or we can get married to someone that will bring us a sense of security or looks good on paper rather than marrying someone that resonates with us, and challenges us to be the best version of ourselves.

We can make decisions based on false beliefs and self doubt.

These types of decisions limit us. They stunt our potential, and we have to kind of have to shrink down to fit in this little box we’ve made for ourselves, and then we wonder why we're depressed, or our life isn’t bringing us fulfillment, passion and joy.

So, for example, I had an amazing lady coming to see me for Heilkunst treatment, who did bookkeeping. She was good at her job and she liked it, but as we did Heilkunst treatment and started to remove layers of fear and self-doubt, her confidence began to improve.

She started working with people in more of a teaching capacity on the side and she just lit up when she talked about it. Before she had started treatment, she would have never considered doing that, because the thought of it brought up so much fear and anxiety she would just shut it down, but once we started to remove that with the remedies, she discovered that she loved doing something that she would have never considered doing in the past, and then she started to feel unmotivated to do her bookkeeping work and she wondered why. Well, she had a taste for something that fired her up, something that she was truly passionate about, and now going back to a job that reflected her previously limited idea of herself and what she was capable of was contractive and started to become an irritant. She had to be less of who she was in order to stay in that job and now that she had a more expanded view of herself and could see what she was capable of, she could see glimpses of what she loved to do, so settling for anything less was difficult. She had tried something that was out of her comfort zone, that inspired, and excited her. She was being pushed by inspiration when doing the teaching, rather than having to pull herself along with willpower, which she was now having to do to get her bookkeeping work done. It is so tiring to have to access willpower once you know the endless amounts of energy that can come from inspiration. It’s hard to go back.

So, I want to give you three simple exercises you can do to start inviting more inspiration into your life.

The first exercise is to start following your own path, literally. A really powerful, yet simple exercise you can do is to go for a hike, or a walk, but rather than follow the path, do some off roading. Get off the beaten path so to speak and find your own way through the woods or wilderness. I remember in my 20s when I used to take people on backpacking tours around Thailand, we had this fantastic guide who would take us to visit the hill tribe villages up north and he would lead us through the jungle, cutting his way through with a machete and find his own way to the villages. It was pretty cool. It’s a simple but powerful exercise you can do to start break free of what everyone else is doing, to break free of tradition and doing the same things over and over again, just because that’s the way it’s always been done, whether it makes sense or not. So try that and see where it takes you.

The second exercise is to follow your excitement. So set aside a day to do just that. Keep asking yourself, what is the most exciting thing that I can do in this moment, and go with what your gut says, don’t let your head get in there and talk you out of it, or think through to the outcome and talk yourself into doing something more practical or something else that makes more sense. Let your gut guide you. Once you start to do this and eliminate unnecessary busyness out your life, the rest of your time will be spent doing what excites you most in that moment and then your life becomes truly inspired and joyful. I wrote a blog post on this a couple of years ago, so if you want to read a bit more about this, I’ll leave the link below the video. https://www.staceydye.com/post/2017/03/24/follow-your-excitement

The third exercise is to something that is out of your comfort zone. Things won’t change when we hide where we feel comfortable and keep doing the same things and making the same safe decisions we’ve always made. In order for our life to expand and for us to become more of who we are and live the life we dream of, we need to get out of our comfort zone. So, do something that excites you but challenges you, something that you’ve always been interested in but too scared to try. For example, about 10 years ago while I was still studying Heilkunst I was made a decision to say yes to any opportunities that came along that challenged me and my comfort zone. I was working in a clinic in Newfoundland at the time and one of my co-workers came in and I asked her how her weekend was and she said that it was fantastic, she had gone to this dance rehearsal, and this new choreographer was looking for people with not necessarily any dance experience to do an interpretive dance piece based on Newfoundland folklore and to perform at the Arts and Culture centre in a couple months. I thought, that sounds mostly terrifying and somewhat interesting. Sign me up!

So I did it and it was uncomfortable at times, but mostly it was amazing and it took me way out of my comfort zone. Once you start challenging yourself like that on a regular basis, it will start to become easier and easier in all areas of your life that you’d like to see expand.

So have fun with these exercises and see where it takes you!