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The Little-Known Reason It Can Be So Hard To Create A Resonant Life & What You Can Do To Change

I have had quite the response to my last video the 3 steps to creating a resonant and awe-inspiring life. I had some wonderful ladies say to me that they really relate to feeling like they are trapped in a life that suits and serves other people, doing whats expected , but not knowing any other way.

And I’ve been there. I know, this can be so difficult to change that it almost feels impossible. And that is why, in my video, I recommended doing Heilkunst treatment first and foremost, because what you are fighting to change within yourself is not only a lifetime of false beliefs and patterning, but also an inherited state of mind. And when I say an inherited state of mind, I am talking about the chronic miasms.

There are 8 chronic miasms, and the chronic miasms are chronic inherited diseases that get passed down from generation to generation. 7 generations to be exact, which is give or take 200 years. So these diseases, most of which started out as infectious diseases get passed down, so we don’t pass down the active disease, but the imprint is left in our DNA and in our spiritual karma so to speak. So what actually gets passed down is a genetic predisposition towards certain physical tendencies associated with each chronic miasm plus a unique state of mind that corresponds with the inherited disease.

So, for example, if someone in your family history going back 200 years or so on either side of your family tree had TB, it gets passed down. So, you don’t have active TB, but you could have a tendency towards asthma, chronic bronchitis, or even a certain type of eczema, all sorts of physical issues can stem from it, and how it manifests physically depends on the person, their family history, their constitution etc.

So for example, on my mom’s side of the family, the miasm Medorrhinum is quite strong, and the physical symptoms in the men in the family tend towards heart disease whereas the women tend towards fibroids. They are both rooted in the same chronic inherited disease, but they manifest quite differently. However, the state of mind is always the same, so with Medorrhinum there is a sense of wanting things and wanting them right now, a human doing mentality, deriving self worth from the amount of items that get checked of a list, they also like to be titilated, so they like to drive to fast with the music going, or can even be into extreme sports.

With inherited Tuberculosis there is a great restlessness, and even a romantic longing. They hate anything constricting or confining like a dead end job for example. They love travel and feel better when they are planning a trip or traveling. If they can’t afford travel they will move their furniture around or take a different route to work, anything to break up the monotony.

So we can recognize an inherited misam through the state of mind even if a person doesn’t have any physical symptoms yet. So, our maism, that we refer to as Carcinosin is all about living life based on other people’s expectations or wants or needs and not our own. There is a lot of obligation and doing things because we think we should rather than because we really want to. Whether it’s society, or our parents or our spouse’s needs or expectations, we are not living a life that truly reflects who we are, and it is so difficult to change because you are fighting against an actual inherited disease state of mind.

So, when you go through Heilkunst treatment, you get to have that state of mind removed so that it is so much easier when you start to make real changes in your life and start to go after what you want.

However, if Heilkunst ins’t your thing, or finances are an issue, you can start with, like I said before, intending to create more of what you’d like to feel in your life. So if you’d like to be more authentic, or be more financially free, or feel inspired, intend to create that. Try and focus on what you are grateful for in your life now and you will attract more of that.

When things really started to shift for me last year, I really focused on how much I liked springtime where I lived even though overall I didn’t resonate with the place. I focused on my hammock in the ravine behind our house, I tried to get down to the lake for walks and soak in the beauty as much as possible. Rather than focusing on how stuck I was and how hopeless I felt to change it, and the things I hated about it, which would just create more feeling stuck and more feeling hopeless, I focused on what I loved about it. Initially, I was scared that it would send the message that I liked it there and the universe would keep me there, but it didn’t. It just created more things for me to be grateful for and within the year my life had completely transformed, and now I’m living somewhere that I absolutely love.

Another comment that was made to me by an amazing lady was that she feels guilty that she’s unhappy with her life because on paper she has an amazing life, and I can completely relate to this because I really struggled with this when I left my first marriage. When I decided to leave him, everyone was saying to me that he was such a great guy and I had such a great life, why would I want to leave it? Well, it may be a great life for someone else, or look like a great life on the outside, but it wasn’t right for me.

Our life has to reflect who we truly are and what we really want, what fires us up, and what we value, not what society or other people think we should want or have or be happy with.

When we are feeling stuck or unhappy in our life there is a reason and it’s nothing to feel guilty about. It is usually because we aren’t doing what we love, we are doing what will pay the bills, or what is expected of us, or what give our family benefits, or we are in a marriage that our family approves of, or in a relationship that offers financial security, or we are living in a place that we don’t resonate with because we feel stuck. Whatever it is, it is not working for us, and that is ok.

It is ok to go after our bliss, it is ok to spend our time doing what fires us up, it is ok to change things in our life that aren’t working for us whether other people agree or understand or not. We don’t have to justify or explain what is right for us, because everyone is different and we are all on our own unique path, and what makes one person happy down’t necessarily work for someone else. Just start by inviting more resonance into your life and see where it takes you.