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  • Stacey Dye

3 Steps To Creating a Resonant & Awe-Inspiring Life

I had a major resonance realization yesterday that I wanted to share with you. A year ago, I was stuck in a life that didn’t fully resonate with me. I was living in a city that I really didn’t like. My husband and I had opened an amazing clinic and had created an incredible community within that city, and my work was resonant and inspiring. I had a busy Heilkunst practice, which I love and I also created another facet of my practice by developing emotional empowerment programs to complement Heilkunst treatment, and was loving the work that went along with that, perhaps even more than my Heilkunst practice. My work was becoming more and more resonant and rather than just helping anyone and everyone, which Heilkunst is designed to do, however I am not, I had gotten very clear about the type of women that I am here to help, and what I can really help them with.

However in the rest of my life, I felt stuck.

I felt stuck in a city that on paper looked great, but it just wasn’t my type of place. We had gone into debt starting the clinic and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get out of debt. It seemed whenever we’d get a bit ahead, we’d get a bill for the same amount that we had accumulated. We had a cute house but it was on a busy street in a neighbourhood that I didn’t resonate with and it was a constant irritant, and I also felt stuck in the house because we had our kitchen torn apart and we couldn’t seem to generate the money needed to remodel it. I just felt so frustrated, stuck and hopeless, and didn’t really see a way out. It’s a terrible feeling really.

Then last January, so January 2018, I decided that rather than make a resolution, I would make an intention. I made an intention to invite more resonance into my life, whatever it looked like. In the early Spring, I read The Map by Bonnie Lonnsburry, and that book was in line with my intention to create more resonance and it helped me with creating more intentions and getting really, really clear about what I wanted to create in my life.

Up until then, I knew what I didn’t want, so I was really focusing on what I didn’t want my life to look like, and once I started to get more clear, I could focus on what I actually wanted my life to look like. Then in April of last year, we were gifted a money course that takes into account Universal Laws and it changed everything. From there, things just started to happen, and fast. In July, we got clear about where we wanted to live, because up until that point, I knew I wanted to move to a more resonant place, but I didn’t know for sure where that was. We went to Comox to visit a friend and while I was paddle boarding out in the most beautiful bay with the seals, looking at the most incredible mountains, I knew I wanted to live there.

By August, we had our kitchen remodelled, by September we were finally out of the more than $20,000 of debt created by opening our clinic, we had even started saving money, by November we had moved Comox, and by last month, we had bought the perfect home for us. Yesterday, I was out at Miracle Beach just north of Comox. It was the most perfect spring day. I took our paddle board out and I was out paddle boarding with the seals gazing at the most incredible mountain range and it hit me. Within the year, I have completely transformed all the aspects of my life that weren’t working for me and all it took was getting clear about what I wanted and setting the intention to go after it.

With Heilkunst treatment we are removing the states of mind that keep us stuck in a life that doesn’t resonate with us, states of mind like fear, lack, guilt, obligation, people pleasing. All of these states of mind keep us trapped in lives that suit or serve other people, keep us trapped in ‘safe’ lives that provide a sense of security but drain us of joy and passion, they keep us doing what is expected of us rather than doing what fuels us. We have to be pushed by willpower rather than fuelled by inspiration.

However, it isn’t enough just to take the remedies and remove those states of mind, we need to change the habits created by a lifetime of programming, we need to challenge our false beliefs that keep us stuck doing the same things over and over again, feeling stuck and helpless to change anything. We need to make different choices. Doing Heilkunst and taking the remedies makes it so much easier. It opens the door but we have to do the work to walk through that door. We need to muster the courage necessary to change a life time of habits, of programming and beliefs. We need to get clear about what we want, and set the intention to do it.

So, I’ve got three steps to get you started.

First, if you aren’t doing so already, I recommend doing Heilkunst treatment with me or any practitioner that resonates with you. We all do online appointments, so you can really choose anyone that you like. I honestly can’t say enough about Heilkunst treatment and how it helps you to evolve spiritually. The awareness it brings and how it can actually shift your state of mind is absolutely awe inspiring and I am so grateful that I found this treatment both for me personally and my practice.

The second step is clarity.

You need to get really clear about what it is you do want in your life. So many of us are really clear on what we don’t want in our lives and it can be difficult not to focus on that. When something is not working or irritating us or if we feel stuck in some way, it can be hard to focus on what we do actually want. For example, when we’re stuck in a job that we hate and have to get up and go to it everyday, it can be hard to focus on anything but that, especially when we don’t really know exactly what else we’d like to be doing. However, if we keep focusing on what we don’t want, we are going to get more of that. So, the first step is to get clear about what you do want. Even if you don’t know what specifically you want, focus on how you want to feel. So, if you want to feel inspired, financially secure and work with people you resonate with that is enough, you don’t need to know the specifics because the universe will fill in the blanks for you, and then you can revise from there.

The third step is intent.

Write out your intentions. Intentions are very powerful. They tell the universe that you mean business. I write out my intentions and I read them every morning before I start my day, then I meditate on them, imagining how I will feel when they happen and then I take inspired action, which is where the courage comes in. Most often this is where we will need to challenge ourselves, and step out of comfort zone, examine false beliefs and make different decisions, but it is so worth it, and necessary if you are going to create a life different from the one you are already living. The inspired action is key. It gives the message that you are serious, you are committed and you aren’t just dreaming about the possibilities.

We need to do our bit and then the universe will do it’s bit.

The upheaval can be a bit uncomfortable but when you change your state of mind, get clear about what you want and set the intention and then take inspired action, your world will start to shift, things will start to move and quite quickly as well, and when it all falls into place it all becomes worth it.

Also, once you start to do this more and more in your life, you will start to trust that universe has got your back and you can start to stand back and be the objective observer in all of this upheaval, change and transition, and you can just sit back and watch it all unfold and trust that it will unfold exactly they way it is supposed to. You may have fear moments, but you won’t shut it down or try to control the outcome, which is a wonderful place to be.

I have just been hit with so much gratitude and awe for how incredible our life can be if we step up to the plate and get out of our own way, and start to trust.