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Follow Your Excitement!

Updated: May 14, 2019

Finding your passion starts with the little things. As we head into Medorrhinum season, we can find ourselves unconsciously becoming human doings rather than human beings. We have attached our self worth to the amount of ‘things’ that we can check off our list. I challenge you for the next week, to throw that programming out the window, and instead of following your ‘list’, follow your excitement. Let your excitement, or higher self work out what needs to be accomplished in your day. Too often, we give into pressures around what we ‘should’ be doing rather than what we really want to be doing. I think we have an unconscious fear that everything will go to shit if we just start doing what we really want to be doing.

Start with a day, just one day, and ask yourself, out of all the options I have in front of me in this moment, which one excites me the most? Without any attachment to the outcome, do that. When you’re finished, ask yourself again, out of all of the options I have in this moment, which excites me the most? By doing this, you will find yourself in alignment with your higher self, and the more that we can connect to our higher self in this way, the more we will come to understand what fires us up, and in turn what our higher purpose is. Surprisingly, things won’t go to shit.

Your house may be messier than you love, but there will come a time when cleaning it is the most exciting of your options. Take my day today for example, at one point, putting on a load of laundry and a batch of bone broth at the same time, was the most exciting thing that I could do in that moment. It didn’t actually enter into my consciousness that I have about two days worth of bone broth in the fridge, so it was a perfect time to start another batch. I’m going out for a girls night tomorrow night, and the jeans I wanted to wear are in the laundry basket (which I had forgotten about), so at 4:30 this afternoon after I got back from my invigorating walk in the much needed sun, and before I sat down to write this post, my higher self let me know that it was the perfect time to do these things. It was looking out for my best interest without me even needing to really think about it. I also didn’t have to use any will power to drag my ass down to the laundry room to do those tasks. I just did them when it was the most ‘exciting’ time to do them. Pretty cool hey? So, why don’t you try it? This weekend, follow your excitement, and let me know how it goes!