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Heilkunst Homeopathy

Heilkunst Homeopathy is a spiritual medicine that uses Natural Law to assist people in reclaiming their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

So...Let Me Ask You....

When we have experienced trauma’s, or repeated energetic patterns throughout our life, we can actually engender a disease that shifts our state of mind and changes the way we think and act. 


It actually shifts our personality. 


So, for example, have you ever experienced or watched someone close to you go through a significant grief event, or repeated losses? 


Did you notice any shifts in their personality? 


Did you notice that perhaps they became more introverted? 


They started to need more time alone? 


Did they maybe start to hold onto hurts or grievances?


We can actually engender a ‘grief’ disease and these are a few of the mental/emotional symptoms that stem from this disease state.  We can have physical symptoms with it as well, such as water retention, hay fever and much more.


No amount of positive thinking, talking it out in counselling or meditation will remove the actual disease.  It can help to palliate things, and make it a bit more bearable inside your head, but these pesky little disease states will always creep back in.


This is where Heilkunst comes in.  We use homeopathic remedies according to the Law of Similars to actually shift and remove these disease states, which we can also inherit!

Have you been struggling to let go of old, outdated negative thought patterns?


Do you feel like you’ve tried it all? Counselling, meditation, self-help books, positive affirmations, etc., etc., which seem to work for awhile, only to find that the old negative thinking just creeps back in?


Have you been struggling with letting go of past traumatic events?  


Do you feel ok as long as you don’t think about past upsets, but when you do, it brings up emotion?


Are you terrified of confrontation?


Do you have trouble forgiving and forgetting?


If you have answered yes, to any of these questions, there is no need to beat yourself up for not trying hard enough, or not doing a 'good job', because there is a very surprising reason for this! 

What you are fighting so hard to change is an actual disease state!  (Click here to watch a video explaining this in detail)


Heilkunst Explained...

When we aren't living a life that resonates with who we truly are, we will experience anxiety, depression, irritability and chronic physical complaints.

"I believe that there is a spiritual explanation behind almost every physical ailment."

Heilkunst is a German word that means, 'the art of making one whole'.  This system of medicine was created over 200 years ago through the genius of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and has been further enhanced through the works of Rudolf Steiner and Wilhelm Reich.  Heilkunst addresses the root cause of disease, rather than treating symptomatically.  


This system of medicine first takes into account your regimen (food, water, exercise, sunlight etc.) to correct any nutrient imbalances, and to customize an eating plan to suit your individual typologies (It is important that you have enough energy to live the life of your dreams!) It also employs Homeopathic remedies according to the Law of Similars, to address underlying disease, as well as therapeutic education and coaching, to assist you in releasing patterns or breaking through false beliefs that are no longer serving you, with the ultimate goal being the unfolding of a healthy self-regulating person that is unapologetically living their objective desire function, or soul's purpose.

It is a systematic treatment that address the various emotional and physical traumas that have been experienced in a lifetime, which is referred to as our traumatic timeline. These traumas include injuries, surgeries, vaccinations, long term use of medication, emotional traumas etc.  


These traumas are like shrapnel that lodge themselves in our generative power, life force or qi/chi, and weaken our health. They can also trigger underlying latent diseases, or the chronic miasms.

Using Homeopathic remedies, we remove the energetic imprint left behind by these traumas in reverse order, beginning with the most recent, and working our way backwards through one’s lifetime.  It can be likened to peeling back the layers of an onion, improving a person's health and well being as we go.  


Once we have completed the treatment of the traumatic timeline, we begin treatment of the chronic miasms.  The chronic miasms, are inherited diseases, and the root cause of many chronic symptoms that we experience.  For most of us, these inherited diseases lie latent with only mild signs, and a specific state of mind that reveals what lies beneath. 


Through the various shocks and traumas that we experience in our lifetime, such as injuries, vaccinations, emotional traumas, exposure to various chemical and toxins as well as degraded foods, these chronic miasms can become active, creating far more debilitating symptoms such as fibromyalgia, MS, cancer, heart disease etc.  


Throughout treatment, we will also address a person's false beliefs, such as, "I'm not good enough", "I'm not worthy of love, or success" etc.  These false beliefs shape our life experience by affecting our choices, and undermining our attempts at living a resonant and fulfilling life.  Therapeutic education provides guidance and support, helping you to make more resonant choices regarding your health and your life.

Why Stacey...


“Initially when I came to Stacey for Heilkunst treatment, I was wanting to facilitate radiant health - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I had no idea how beneficial it would be emotionally.  I had a history of anger, and worked it as far as I could work it. I just couldn’t get to the core of it.  Heilkunst treatment has profoundly helped.  I am no longer triggered into anger.  The storms just don’t come up like they used to.  I am impressed with the elegance of it, and appreciate that it works with sensitivities.  It is a highly spiritual tool that everyone should know about!” 

—  Zoe W.

Don't Live Nearby?

No worries!  Virtual Visits are available.  The majority of Stacey's appointments are done through phone, FaceTime, or Skype and then have your remedies shipped straight to your door!

We know that life is busy, and so have your appointment from the convenience of your home, your office, your kayak or even your hammock!

If you're in or near Courtenay, BC, in person visits are also an option.


Initial Heilkunst Appointment | 90 Mins | $150

Follow Up Heilkunst Appointment | 60 Mins | $100

Acute Heilkunst Appointment | 30 Mins | $55

Remedies | $7 each

*Please Note - All prices are PLUS GST

** Price of shipping will vary depending on your location and the amount of remedies you require




Both Heilkunst and Classical Homeopathy use Homeopathic remedies according to the Law of Similiars. However, with Classical Homeopathy, the objective is to take into account all of a person's symptoms, and select the one perfect remedy for them.  The difficulty lies in the fact that we usually have more than one disease, which greatly complicates the symptom picture.  This is because, throughout our lifetime, all of the assaults to our body through emotional and physical traumas, cause our life force to  gradually weaken, and we begin to engender diseases.  Additionally, chronic inherited diseases (chronic miasms), that are passed down through generations, also affect our health and wellbeing on a deeper level.  With Heilkunst, all of these diseases are addressed and eliminated systematically using Homeopathic remedies and therapeutic education.​


On average, people will book in for their follow up appointments every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how much they have coming up for them.  I think what people really want to know when they ask this question is, "How much is this going to cost me??"  On average it is about $145 a month including the remedies, so as far as I'm concerned, a very affordable price for total mind, body and spirit transformation!


That is a difficult question to answer, because everyone is SO different.  Some people only need a few appointments and they are feeling good to go!  Other's have more deeply rooted issues and so it can take some time to get to the bottom of it.  Others love the spiritual evolvement aspect to it and continue to be treated for years as a way to accelerate their awareness and spiritual evolution.

In general, because we are treating in a sequence, and starting with all of the physical and emotional traumas that a person has endured in their lifetime, it can take a couple of years to get through all of them (depending on how much a person has endured), but as we go, we are taking off the layers that have been accumulating and affecting a person's mental, emotional and physical health, so people will start to feel lighter, calmer, more centred, and more themselves as we go through the timeline.  Physical complaints will start to fall away as well.  Then we move onto the chronic miasms (chronic inherited diseases), and this is where the real shifts start to happen.  We do 4 rounds of miasms, so that can take a few years to get through all of them. I know it sounds like a long time, but it flies by and all of the shifts that happen in the meantime make the journey so worth it!  Also, like I said not everyone needs to go that deeply into treatment to get what they are looking for, but in general, most are so enthusiastic that they can't wait to get to the miasms!  Everyone's journey is unique!