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12 month intensive

How to embrace and express your authentic self, change your state of mind, and create a life that reflects who you truly are!

Do you feel stuck in a life that suits and serves other people?

Do you feel trapped in a ‘safe’ life that provides a sense of security but drains you of joy and passion?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Does negative thinking keep creeping in no matter how hard you try to change it?

Are you tried of doing what is expected of you rather than what fires you up?

Are you tired of being the peacemaker in your family?


Are you tried of taking on other people’s ‘stuff’?

Are you tired of coming home at the end of the day feeling exhausted and resentful from putting on a happy face all day?


Are you ready for a total transformation?

When we have spent our whole lives not wanting to rock the boat or upset others, we wonder why we are feeling anxious, depressed or even just experiencing an almost constant low level dissatisfaction with our lives. 


We receive messages when we are young, like I don't want to be around you when you're experiencing a 'negative' emotion, so we learn to stuff down our 'unpleasant' emotions and put on a happy face and just get through life pretending that everything is ok. 


Then we start to need more and more time alone, because it starts to become so exhausting to have to pretend all the time.

Not only that, we've also been given messages our whole lives to make 'good', 'safe' decisions. 


Messages like, get a good, paying, stable career with benefits, marry a good provider, do the 'right' thing. 


We are programmed to make logical, rational decisions.


We haven't been taught how to listen to our inner longings, our gut, our intuition.

We haven't been taught how to ask for what we want and need.

We haven't been taught how to feel and express our uncomfortable emotions, so we stuff, suppress, ignore and deny them instead.

What if you could feel free to be authentically you rather than suppress the 'unpleasant' parts of you? 


What if you could make life decisions based on what fires you up, excites and inspires you rather than making decisions based on fear, self-doubt and lack?

What if you could wake up everyday excited to live your life?

What if you could stop having to rely on willpower to drag you through your day and instead be driven by inspiration and passion?

How would that change your life?

I have created a truly transformational 12 month intensive where you can expect to:

  • Release a lifetime of built-up suppressed emotions that are causing all sorts of seemingly unrelated physical, mental and spiritual issues

  • Actually shift your state of mind

  • Change a lifetime of unhealthy patterning to more evolved patterns

  • Discover how to express yourself confidently, authentically and lovingly  

  • Start to honour your feelings and ask for what you want and need

  • Discover how to listen to and be guided by the wisdom that resides within yourself

  • Make life choices in line with Universal Laws and Who You Really Are

  • Create more joy, health and resonance in your life!

So If...

You are ready to challenge yourself to make some real changes

You are ready to release old, outdated patterns and behaviours

You are wanting to express yourself in a healthy, authentic and loving way 

You are ready to actually shift your state of mind

You are ready to deepen your relationship with your authentic self

You want to start making life decisions that are in alignment with your authentic self, inspiration and Universal Law

You are wanting to completely transform yourself and your life

....then you have found what you are looking for!

This Is For You If...

You are a spiritually-minded women who is truly ready for a change.

You are committed to deepening your path of self-discovery, and  have the courage to challenge long-held beliefs and to start to make different, more resonant decisions and choices.  

You are ready to fully commit to your personal evolution and return to who you truly are

What's Included....

This program combines the healing and transformational power of monthly Heilkunst Treatment with the wisdom and powerful pattern changing potential of my 8 Step Emotional Empowerment Program PLUS my 8 Step Liberate Your Life Program.

Combine all three and you will have a truly transformational year PLUS you will save $700!

Check out more details below...

Candice Tasker

"I have been seeing Stacey for almost a year and half receiving Heilkunst treatment. Stacey is a bright light who holds space for me each session so that I can feel safe discussing what's coming up for me. Last fall I was blessed to take her personal empowerment program and that really helped me have more awareness of myself, my escape patterns and my false beliefs. I also found that I was able to feel more comfortable speaking my truth and being with uncomfortable emotions. So empowering! I believe the combination of Heilkunst treatments, the program and her ability to hold space in her treatment sessions has allowed me to really open up and be with myself. I am finally able to start to release the years of suppressed emotions and it feels so good!"

Carla Buysse

I have been a patient of Stacey’s for 5 years and I can not say enough about her dedication, determination, knowledge and kindness! As a sufferer of Lyme disease I know there are no quick fixes, but Stacey is steadily bringing my life back to normal. I had tried Classic Homeopathy many years ago, but I am so much happier with the results from Heilkunst Homeopathy. To me the Heilkunst method just makes more sense. Our thoughts and patterns have a huge effect on our physical body so I love how Stacey is able to break the negative thought patterns with the remedies. Some thought patterns are so ingrained that we need extra help on top of the remedies so Stacey offers an amazing emotional empowerment course. The course was worth every penny as it made me aware of negative thoughts and actions and then taught me how to deal with situations in a positive and productive way.Even though Stacey no longer lives in my town we are still able to face time all out meetings and it has felt just as productive as being in person. I strongly recommend Stacey to anyone who wishes to live a better life.

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