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Are you the peacemaker in your family?


Do you try and fix things for other people?


Are you so sensitive to other people’s emotions that you can sometimes have a hard time figuring out what is actually yours and what is somebody else’s?


Do you find yourself making decisions based on other people’s expectations? 


Do you find yourself taking other people’s feelings into account when making life decisions for yourself?


Let me tell you, you are so not alone in this!  And it is not your fault, chances are, you are what we call a Phosphorus Constitution.


Us Phosphorus Constitutions are the empaths of this world, and up until now we’ve been raised to believe that our sensitivity, our empathy, and our connection to our emotions is a bad thing, a sign of weakness even.  Something to be covered up, suppressed, ignored and denied.  We haven’t been taught how to yield our strong emotions, we haven’t been taught how to use our gifts, so instead we try and stuff them down, keep them hidden, and keep a stiff upper lip like the rest of the world. 


When we do this we create all sorts of emotional, spiritual and physical repercussions for ourselves.


It is time to stop this stuffing paradigm and learn to embrace and become empowered by our strengths and our gifts so we can live joyful, authentic and empowered lives.

My name is Stacey Dye, and my journey really began in 2005, when I woke up to find myself in a life I had created based entirely on other people's expectations.


I was in an ‘attractive’ marriage with a ‘good’ career that I found absolutely soul sucking.  They were ‘responsible’ choices, but I was suffering with extreme anxiety, depression, intense irritability, and a myriad of physical health issues.


I left my career in real estate to finish studying holistic nutrition, but I had gotten to the point of not being able to stand being in my own head.


My anxiety was through the roof,  I was contemplating medication, and I was drinking too much.   


I tried every modality that I could get my hands on, but I couldn't find anything to really help me resolve my physical, mental, and emotional issues.  


I couldn’t get enough of self-help books, and was doing visualization exercises and positive affirmations daily, but I just felt like I was piling ice cream on top of all of the built up crap that I desperately needed to deal with.


It seemed that my search was getting me nowhere.  


I had given up hope of finding something to help me, and resigned myself to limping through life the way I was, when I found Heilkunst Homeopathic Treatment, and I never looked back.  


It helped me to release the built up emotional trauma, and it allowed me to completely shift the states of mind that kept me trapped, anxious, and depressed so that I could create a truly resonant, inspired and joyful life.


As an added bonus, my physical health issues began to fall away as well!


Since 2013, I have been working as a Heilkunst Homeopath and an Emotional Empowerment Mentor  to help women just like you embrace their strengths, shift their states of mind, and false beliefs that are keeping them trapped in a life that doesn’t resonate with them so they can create more health, joy and inspiration in their lives.

Ways To Work With Stacey


Candice Tasker

"I have been seeing Stacey for almost a year and half receiving Heilkunst treatment. Stacey is a bright light who holds space for me each session so that I can feel safe discussing what's coming up for me. Last fall I was blessed to take her personal empowerment program and that really helped me have more awareness of myself, my escape patterns and my false beliefs. I also found that I was able to feel more comfortable speaking my truth and being with uncomfortable emotions. So empowering! I believe the combination of Heilkunst treatments, the program and her ability to hold space in her treatment sessions has allowed me to really open up and be with myself. I am finally able to start to release the years of suppressed emotions and it feels so good!"

Carla Buysse

I have been a patient of Stacey’s for 5 years and I can not say enough about her dedication, determination, knowledge and kindness! As a sufferer of Lyme disease I know there are no quick fixes, but Stacey is steadily bringing my life back to normal. I had tried Classic Homeopathy many years ago, but I am so much happier with the results from Heilkunst Homeopathy. To me the Heilkunst method just makes more sense. Our thoughts and patterns have a huge effect on our physical body so I love how Stacey is able to break the negative thought patterns with the remedies. Some thought patterns are so ingrained that we need extra help on top of the remedies so Stacey offers an amazing emotional empowerment course. The course was worth every penny as it made me aware of negative thoughts and actions and then taught me how to deal with situations in a positive and productive way.

Even though Stacey no longer lives in my town we are still able to face time all out meetings and it has felt just as productive as being in person. I strongly recommend Stacey to anyone who wishes to live a better life.

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